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Bioethanol fuel in trade quantities 100 litres to 100,000 litres+

EkoFuel - Bioethanol based products

EKOFUEL products are based on the highest quality bioethanol and denatured for use as a fuel on bioethanol fires and now as a fire starter fluid for barbeque coals and fire wood.

EKOFUEL are organic based products, produced from the fermentation of molasses. The molasses is a waste product from the production of sugar made from sugar beet.  As such, the production of  EKOFUEL products does not adversely affect the prices or availability of food in the market and also means the crops usedforsugar productionareusedin fullandleave nowaste by-products in the environment.

All our products are available in various container sizes depending on your requirements. We can supply from as little as 100 litres to over 100,000 litres+ of completely denatured bioethanol in 1lt, 3lt and 5lt containers. Contact us with your volume and container requirements. 

The safety  of EKOFUEL has ben confirmed and certified by the National Institute of Public Health PZH.

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As EKOFUEL products are wholly organic products, they are safe for both people and the environment when used in accordance with the instructions.

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 Bioethanol Fire



 Fire Lighter Fluid
 EKOFUELBioethanol for fires 

 EKOFUEL Fire Lighter Fluid for BBQ

and fire wood



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